Friday 15 December 2017

I Muse... On My First Machin Blog Post

Welcome everyone to my brand new blog Arnold Machin Stamps! As the title suggests, this blog is dedicated to the Machin definitive stamps of Great Britain. But with a bit of a twist! Ever since I started collecting Machin stamps nearly ten years ago, I have had a particular fondness for Machins with only the number 1 on them. These include: 1d, 1p, £1, and 1st Class stamps. Below are a few teaser images of what you should expect to see here in the future.

Accordingly, this blog will focus primarily on the multiple varieties of these stamps. I try to collect and identify everything with a 1 on it: from booklets and singles to mint and used. Basically if it has only the number 1 on it, I wanna know where it comes from.

Having said that, I'm sure I'll occasionally be inspired to write about the myriad other Machins out there. So hopefully this blog will be an entertaining ride for both you and me. Please post a comment on any of my posts if you have additional info (I love to learn), if you see an error in my commentary (highly likely), or just want to say hi. Anywho, enough for now. I hope you enjoy!

Until next time...



  1. Thanks to MachinMania Larry for pointing out this new blog, I have now added yours to the reference list on mine!

    Keep going, and a Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Ian!
      I'm glad you like the look of my new blog. Hopefully this year I'll be about to dexicate a bit of time to getting a bunch of posts up. And thanks for adding me to your blog :)


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